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What aspects does crowd management consist of ??

The goal of crowd management is the orderly and trouble-free conduct of a mass meeting.

Crowd management includes:

  • managing crowds
  • preventing too high a crowd density
  • creating manageable audience flows
  • minimizing risks
  • limiting care contacts, incident reports and violent crimes
  • The following aspects directly affect the arrangement and supervision of crowd management:

transport and pedestrian flows
crowd barriers, barricades, turnstiles, signposts
security services, guides, stewards
regulations, communication of rules, plan, adjustment of rules
emergency plans, disaster plans (+ necessary reserves)
communication with the masses, between staff and with management
limit waiting times and a sense of purposelessness (searching)
mood makers, colours, lighting, music
predictions based on big data
catering, toilets, cloakrooms, vehicle storage
weather protection
The above aspects are fixed elements in every crowd management plan of approach.

Critical factors in crowd management

Visitor numbers
Visitor profile and behaviour
Expertise organization
Logistical utilities
Unforeseen events
Collaboration in the chain